Ed Tyll Show on Starcom Radio Network

Ed Tyll Show on Starcom Radio Network, New York City, New York

Fake News, Journalists and the Free Press How much do most of us truly understand about why journalists do what they do and why the Constitution affords protection for free expression? The "Free Press" has been under assault lately with the president trying to discredit journalists and limit their access to information. Invite Michael McCray, a public interest advocate and expert on whistleblowing, to discuss the importance of journalism, whistleblowers and the role of the First Amendment. McCray was personally bullied, intimidated and retaliated against after he reported improprieties at his federal job before being forced out. He says America needs principled individuals now more than ever. McCray is a sought-after speaker and the author of the forthcoming "Truth, Transparency & Accountability: Wade Rathke and The Fall of ACORN" and "Race, Power & Politics: Memoirs of an ACORN Whistleblower."         Starcom Radio Stations

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