Marcel Reid - President

Marcel Reid was the Chair of DC ACORN and is a co-founder and National President of ACORN 8.

Karen Inman - Secretary

Karen Reid was the Secretary for Minnesota ACORN and is a co-founder and National Secretary of ACORN 8.

Ronald Sykes - Treasurer

Ronald Sykes was a Georgia ACORN member, Whipple-Bell fellow and National Treasurer for ACORN 8.

Michael McCray - Author / Spokesman

Michael McCray is the National Spokesman for the ACORN 8, a watchdog organization dedicated to seeking truth, transparency and accountability for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). A talented Author and expert on ACORN, Michael McCray authored RACE, POWER & POLITICS–Memoirs of an ACORN Whistleblower” and continues to write about community development, grassroots and labor organizations.


J.D. — Georgetown University Law Center (May, 1994)
M.A. — Communications from American University (December, 1999)
MBA — Finance from Howard University (December, 1999)
B.S. — Economics from Florida A&M University (December, 1990)

CPA —Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (Inactive)

Attorney at Law —New York State Bar Association (2003)

Michael McCray is a Conservative Democrat who believes in capitalism and the free enterprise system. A licensed Attorney, former CPA and public interest advocate, Michael McCray fights for the rights of others… like they would fight for themselves. His debut book “ACORN 8: RACE, POWER & POLITICS–Memoirs of an ACORN Whistleblower which is available on this website for purchase and everywhere books are sold.