What Makes ACORN 8 Different


We are members and leaders in ACORN. The ACORN 8 consists of national, state and local board members, presidents or chairs. As such, we are leaders in our communities and in within ACORN. And we all share a passion for helping the underserved and disenfranchised through direct action and community organizing. Historically, ACORN has dismissed most of its detractors by utilizing three basic arguments;


1)   ACORN attackers are GOP partisans and have a political agenda;

2)   ACORN attackers are disgruntled employees with an axe to grind;

3)   ACORN attackers are disenchanted members and have no real evidence or actual inside information.


However, ACORN 8 complaints are not so easily dismissed. As ACORN insiders, e.g., leaders and board members, we are loyal members, are very knowledgeable. We are ACORN, and we have fiduciary duties and responsibilities to our membership. The national board is responsible for the association of community organizations. And we were trying to exercise our fiduciary duties and obligations to our membership. And we have the necessary legal standing, to enforce our rights and pursue ACORN in courts of law and in the court of public opinion.


What We Are Not –

    • ACORN 8 is NOT trying to destroy ACORN. We are ACORN, we love ACORN and are only attempting to reform the community organizations and return ACORN to its original mission and purpose.


    • ACORN 8 are NOT low-level or disgruntled ACORN employees.


    • We are ACORN insiders, community leaders and national board members with legitimate access to inside information and credible evidence.


    •  ACORN 8 are NOT or Republican operatives and we do not have personal or partisan axes to grind or a slanted political agenda to support.


    • We are Conservative Democrats, and just like ACORN we don’t get mad, we don’t get even… we get ORGANIZED!