We the members of the national board of the ACORN 8 formally demand an immediate suspension of all federal, state and local funding of ACORN until after an independent audit and Congressional hearings on ACORN and its related entities. And that all members BOYCOTT ACORN and immediately cease paying their dues until after a forensic examination and independent audit of ACORN and all its related entities.

The ACORN 8 is an organization of ACORN leaders; current and former board members who are struggling to reform the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now following the discovery of a multi-million dollar ACORN embezzlement and cover up.

 Truth, Transparency and Accountability

Marcel Reid and Karen Inman, two members of the ACORN 8 unveil corruption inside ACORN appeared on the FOX News Glenn Beck Program. The ACORN 8 demanded “Truth and Transparency” at ACORN and a complete ACORN Boycott of funding including –

  1.  Federal Funding (Grants and Contracts) for ACORN
  2.  Charitable Donations to ACORN
  3.  ACORN Membership Dues

 Until and unless there was a complete accounting, including –

    1.  Forensic Examination of the ACORN embezzlement,
    2.  Independent Audit of ACORN and related entities, and
    3.  Formal Investigation of ACORN corruption.

And “Accountability” for corrupt ACORN leadership – including the immediate removal of anyone who participated in, benefited from or knew about the ACORN embezzlement and decided to cover it up.

Justice Department RICO Complaint 

The ACORN 8 has filed criminal civil rights and RICO complaints with the FBI and/or U.S. Attorney’s Office in 15 states and the District of Columbia. We have taken the first steps, we have filed the complaints, we have been interviewed by federal authorities but it is up to federal prosecutors to determine whether to actually investigate and prosecute our allegations. We need your help to convince the federal, state and local authorities in your area to pursue the claims alleged in the ACORN 8 – Justice Department Complaint. DOJ_Complaint_ACORN_8.pdf

On January 9, 2009 the ACORN 8 filed criminal RICO and civil rights complaints against ACORN and ACORN insiders with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s General Offices in 15 states and the District of Columbia. Unfortunately, U.S. Representative John Conyers declared “The Powers That Be” decided not to investigate the ACORN RICO complaint. The ACORN 8 is America’s last, best chance to empower low and moderate income members of society through integrity in community organizing.