Who we are, the ACORN 8


In the fall of 2008, following the discovery of an eight year cover-up of a multi-million dollar embezzlement by Dale Rathke the brother of Wade Rathke the co-founder and Chief Organizer of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and Service Employee’s International Union (SEIU)– eight courageous national board members banded together to reform the venerable association of community organizations before it was to late. Together these courageous ACORN whistleblowers became known as the ACORN 8


Who Are the ACORN 8?


ACORN 8, led by Marcel Reid and Karen Inman, is a group of ACORN insiders, i.e., members, leaders and national board members who were expelled for demanding a forensic examination and independent audit of ACORN and its related entities following a multi-million dollar ACORN embezzlement and cover up.


  • Marcel Reid, DC ACORN
  • Karen Inman, MN ACORN
  • Fannie Brown, CA ACORN
  • Coya Mobley, OH ACORN
  • Adrianna Jones, MI ACORN
  • Yvonne Stafford, NC ACORN
  • Louise Davis, DC ACORN
  • Robert Smith, TX ACORN


Michael McCray, National Spokesman, GA ACORN


Today the ACORN 8, LLC is a membership organization with representatives in 15 states and the District of Columbia that engages in legislative advocacy, including federal and corporate whistleblower rights and judicial reform, participates in grassroots coalitions and continues to advocate on behalf of low and moderate income families and communities.