We the members of the national board of the ACORN 8 formally demand an immediate suspension of all federal, state and local funding of ACORN until after an independent audit and Congressional hearings on ACORN and its related entities. And that all members BOYCOTT ACORN and immediately cease paying their dues until after the following;

  • Forensic Examination of ACORN and its related entities,
  • Independent Audit of ACORN and its related entities, and
  • Formal Investigation of ACORN and its senior management.

Truth, Transparency and Accountability

The more ACORN and the more than 200 related organizations under its umbrella work to maintain complete control of its money, the more they hide. The more they hide, the greater the number of questions that arise.

  • Where are the millions of dollars that ACORN gets from the United States government going?
  • Why is there no oversight?
  • How much of the money going to tax-exempt ACORN organizations is used for non-tax exempt activities?
  • How much grant money is used for partisan political activities?

Beth Kingsley, an ACORN attorney, reported her concerns about the lack of a firewall between political and other ACORN functions. Yet this porous behavior continues. Why is the same audit firm that allowed the embezzlement to be carried as a loan still the audit firm? Why is the 2005 audit uncompleted? Why is there so much resistance to a forensic audit?  In a nutshell, what we want is answers to these questions. We want the truth. We want transparency. We want accountability for ACORN corruption and its leaders.