ACORN Whistelblowers -vs- ACORN Informants

ACORN Whistleblowers -vs- ACORN Informants


Various individuals and groups have sounded the alarm of wrongdoing and corruption at the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Most are advocates, some are activists and others are self-promoters; all have spoken truth to power.


  • Marcel Reid, Karen Inman and ACORN 8
  • Greg Hall and Truth to Power
  • Anita MonCrief of Project Vote
  • Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe


ACORN Whistleblowers


ACORN 8, led by Marcel Reid and Karen Inman, are the only real ACORN whistleblowers; they are ACORN Insiders who risked everything to seek “Truth and Transparency” within the community organizations and “Accountability” for ACORN corruption and failed leadership.

Truth To Power, led by Greg Hall, is a group of former ACORN workers and staff.  Low-level ACORN workers often become the scapegoats for corrupt senior management at ACORN. Greg Hall a former ACORN organizer supports the low income workers who get “thrown under the bus” whenever ACORN wrongdoing is exposed. Truth To Power seeks to unify and organize both current and former ACORN workers into a national service workers union.

Whistleblowers expose fraud or corruption while within a company or organization. They expose the truth while risk their lives or careers. By assuming this risk real whistleblowers are courageous. Consequently, Marcel Reid, Karen Inman and the ACORN 8; along with Greg Hall and Truth to Power are the only credible and real ACORN whistleblowers.


ACORN Informants & Conservative Activists


In contrast, informants withhold the truth while the have something to lose. And only bother to tell what they know after the fact. They speak out when they don’t have anything to lose. They may be truth-tellers, but there is nothing particularly courageous about their activism. Often times informants are witnesses to their own crimes, for instance Sammy “The Bull” Gravano was an FBI informant; he was not a Mafia whistleblower.

Anita MonCrief is a conservative activist and self-proclaimed ACORN whistleblower, who alleged illegal coordination between the Obama Presidential Campaign and ACORN. Anita MonCrief was in charge of the postage meter at Project Vote and made unsubstantiated claims against Barack Obama. She was fired for cause after passing bad checks and fraudulently applying for a Project Vote credit card in her name, then stealing $1,500 on a unauthorized company credit card. So, Anita MonCrief is really a Project Vote informant and an outspoken conservative activist; but she is not an ACORN whistleblower.


Conservative Activists

Ironically, through the use of highly edited and doctored videos, the most effective blows were delivered, not by ACORN workers, members or staff; but instead by a pair of are aspiring journalists and filmmakers. Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe are conservative activists who exposed the lack of coverage on ACORN corruption by the traditional media dressed outrageously as a “pimp and prostitute.” Although unlawful in several jurisdictions, the undercover hidden video stings were the most effective tools against ACORN. And prompted the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to withhold federal funding, and for the IRS and Census to cut their ties to ACORN.